Raising the bar, reducing our footprint.


To ensure long-term environmental sustainability, Alicon has pioneered several green initiatives. Across all our facilities, we have implemented a range of activities to help control our carbon footprint and continuously seek new ways to work towards our mission of sustainability.


  • Modified circuitry in the Wanfeng LPDC machines to save 3000kw every month
  • Changed power packs in the LPDC machines to save 10,000 KWH
  • Installed LED lights across group premises to save 18,000 units every day
  • Fitted solar plants on the roofs on our Shikrapur and Chinchwad premises
  • Installed a Recuperator in the LPG fired Heat Treatment Furnace which used 8-10% less fuel

Supply Chains

Our efforts go beyond our premises, which is why we’re working on a Green Supply Chain that features reusable packaging like:

  • LEAP Foldable FLC that eliminates use of wooden and corrugated boxes
  • Locally hired MB5 containers across our global operations that reduces wastage from packaging damage
  • Reusable Goodpack containers for exports instead of corrugated or wooden options, for which we’ve already reached 70% of our target
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