Cast your own dream.

Cast your own dream.

Cast your own dream.

We encourage every member of our team to pursue their passions in a way that benefits both them and the Group.

Our aim is to nurture talent by creating a transparent and inclusive environment through which employees can grow and seize the opportunity to build a long and fulfilling career. At Alicon, we emphasise teamwork and taking ownership, ensuring that team members across all levels are involved in delivering success and customer satisfaction.

We believe that both Alicon and India need home-grown leaders. With this in mind, our new employees are put through a comprehensive programme that involves training on projects and being mentored by some of our best minds, before being inducted into the Group as young leaders who welcome responsibility.

Become the globally preferred supplier for light Alloy Casting Solutions


Grow the employees, associates and suppliers
Ensure total customer satisfaction
Increase shareholder value

Quality, Integrity and Respect

Encourage Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Accountability

Commitment to the environment and community

1. We create decisive leaders at all levels.
2. We encourage leaders to nurture team work.
3. We empower our people and always maintain positive environment with inclusiveness.
4. We approach everything we do with honesty, sincerity and integrity.
5. We greet everyone with a smile and high spirit.
6. We follow Alicon vector.
7. We nurture openness and practice LDD (Light, Direct & Deep) Communication.
8. We believe in Kaizen for continuous improvement and benchmarking.
9. We aim at delighting customers with innovation.
10. We are flexible and adapt to shift in the markets.
11. We are visionary and set targets for ourselves.
12. We use DIS-BEP to establish lucrative goals and practices.
13. We reuse, recycle & optimise to create an organic environment and give back to our society.
14. We imbibe 5S and safety as a way of life at work & home.
15. We are agile, disciplined and decisive in our work.
16. We advocate ownership and accountability for level and Label up.
17. We encourage perseverance in case of failure.
18. We stay true to our purpose.

“I joined Alicon as a Gravity Die Casting (GDC) machine operator. After proving myself on the shop floor for 3 years, I was promoted to Product Quality Control and Team Leader, soon after that. In 2013, I was given the opportunity to be the Plant Head for a product line and by 2015, two more plants were under my supervision. Since then, I have grown to become the GDC coordinator and have even been rewarded with a Maruti Swift car for my efforts.

What I love most about working at Alicon is that the company gives everyone an equal opportunity at progress and the top management not only recognises performance but also keeps motivating employees at all levels”.

Bapu Sakore​

Senior Manager

“I started out at a Trainee Engineer in the Design Department and am currently a Deputy General Manager heading the Design and Exponential Technologies departments.

For me, work is my lifeline and that is thanks to the work culture at Alicon. All of us are given ample opportunities to prove ourselves and grow. We are led by teachers and mentors here and the 5S learning inspires us to take ownership and constantly seek improvements. The amalgam of new technology and solution-orientation makes every day exciting at work. And most of all, Alicon’s commitment towards enhancing India’s reputation keeps motivating us”.

Hemant Joshi​

General Manager

“My journey at Alicon began as a Section Manager and in the first two years, I was promoted to Plant Quality Head and then Quality Head, Wheel Division. Then, in 2009, I was made Group Quality Head before being offered the chance to look after reviews of our European operations the following year. In 2011, I was promoted to Business Head of all Alicon plants in India. The highlight of my growth came in 2013, when I began heading the New Product Development Department.

The reason I’ve recounted my career trajectory at Alicon is to demonstrate how the transparency of working here can bring rapid progress to anyone who matches the pace our leaders set”.

Veera Babu​

Group COO

“When I joined, the technologies at Alicon were new for me. But with the support of my colleagues and the encouragement of my seniors, I quickly learned the ropes by learning Spectro Standardisation and Microscope-S-DAS analysis so that I could inspect incoming parts. Within a few days of this, my colleague suddenly quit and my seniors surprised me by entrusting these two departments to me. I now train others on using these instruments.

Alicon is also where employees are truly considered family. I was concerned about doing my job and simultaneously looking after my young daughter, but Team Alicon adjusted professionally whenever my personal life made demands. And that too, without adjusting on output. Today, besides my professional achievements, I am also a happy mother and proud wife who contributes both emotionally and financially to the wellbeing of her family”.

Sujata Patil


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