Our Facilities

Our Facilities


To ensure a consistent output of solutions, our team is backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our output spans 16 segments and is equipped to service both low and high volume clients. These facilities are powered by equipment from leading names like CNC-Makino, Micron, Hartford, VMC, and EDM.
Across our 13 facilities, we have:

  • 85 Low Pressure Die Casting Machines
  • 72 Gravity Die Casting Machines
  • 82 in-house CNC machines with another 122 on contract hire

This lets us cast components in a weight range from 1 to 50 kgs.

We have a Technology Centre complemented by a Tool Manufacturing facility of the highest international standards (producing 250 tools a year), Quality & Testing laboratories at every location, and a full-fledged Machine Shop that includes a sub-assembly facility.


All our plants actively and aggressively implement signature Japanese lean manufacturing practices, allowing us to achieve operational and cost efficiencies. At Alicon we continuously work towards scaling up automation levels while boosting manufacturing capacities to meet present and future needs.